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Erix A.

10.4 how to hide project window?

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This one image.thumb.png.f29fda95d949d79336f2c615754e53d0.png
In the previous I could "stick" it to the right side, so it's not shown. In 10.4 it's just there all the time whether I need it or not.

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In my installation nothing has changed in this respect. The project window can be pinned and unpinned, where "unpinned" means it's just a small panel to the right that makes the window visible when clicking on it.


Maybe undocking and docking it again will solve the problem?

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57 minutes ago, Dinar said:

As far as I understand, you have disabled themes in Rad Studio 10.4? This may be the source of your problem, as described in the @Dalija Prasnikarcomment?

Thanks, that was it 🙂

I remember I disabled it in previous version and when installing 10.4, I exported all settings and then imported them via the migration tool.


Fix was to set Enabled to 1 in registry under "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\Theme"

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