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Can I use iOS .storyboards generated from Rc10.4 under Rx10.3.3 ?

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Hi there,


I'm still fighting a little with Rx10.4 Patch 1, to get my projects smoothly running.
Since debugging is somewhat broken for me, I regularily got out-of-system-ressources message,
and  also had some other exception that I haven't not seen before.

The apps are running, but I think I better don't put them productive already.
Unfortunately the Apple deadline for storyboard comes closer.


Since Rx10.3.3 was quite stable for me, I came to the thought above.

I think that should be possible to let .storyboard generate by Rx10.4, and then include this somehow in Rx10.3.3.
Probably including in the Deployment and fumbling in the "%storyboard%" entry in the plist is good enough, but I doubt that its so easy..


I'm loosing a lot of time right now by testing and trying to get my projects as stable as before,
maybe someone got similar idea and already tested this to prevent Apples deadline.


Would be nice if you could share your experiences.


By the way:

Also the Rx10.4 .storyboard has some issues, as my logo did appear much too small, but that would be acceptable in the worst-case.

Also changing background color has the known issues, which needs to re-boot the phone before getting fixed.
I had not enought time to check it more deeply yet, but I just replaces the original icons by my own of same size.
Maybe thats not good enought, and I need some special graphics format ?



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The Apple will remove the apps without storyboard or will not allow new updates without storyboard?

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I doubt you’ll be able to use storyboards in 10.3.3 projects but I would be very interested to hear if anyone has found a workaround. In terms of Apple, they won’t remove your app if it’s already approved, they just won’t let you upload new updates or new apps after the deadline.

i suggest you report any and all issues you’re having with 10.4 to Embarcadero via the quality portal as they seem to be working quickly to review new bug reports and release patches so that’s the best way to move forwards.

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My hope is that just copy the storyboard and edit info.plist is enough.

What else should be missing ?


Rx10.3.3 was rock solid for me, Rx10.4 is still fragile and Im working on it.

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Thanks Chris, this secret was well hidden :classic_smile:

I will check that.

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