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New Filter Exceptions expert in GExperts

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I my last GExperts related blog post I wrote about the new “Close Exception Notification” expert which I just had added to GExperts. It was a hack that hooked the Exception Notification dialog.

This spawned a discussion in the international Delphi Praxis forum and resulted in a rewrite of the expert. It’s now called “Filter Exception” expert and instead of hooking the dialog it directly hooks into the code that shows this dialog. Thus it prevents the dialog from being shown for filtered exceptions.


Read on in the blog post.

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10 hours ago, Stefan Glienke said:

Did you install the hooks in a way that you don't override any existing hook that might be there already?

No. I'll check out ddetours when i find the time, but I'm reluctant to add another third party library.

There is only one hook though.

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Am I missing something but nothing appears into here,



if Ill Click the "Filter ..." and then OK,

I am expecting it then always to filter that exception in that project. So I decipher the UI.



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