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Precisely timed display output on Android

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For some research we need to create an Android app with a precisely timed output of colored rectangles/bars.

Unfortunately TTimer has a too big jitter.


I need a low interval (if possible < 10ms) and unless my code in the timer event runs for longer than the interval
the timer events should come precisely and not sometimes after 10ms (given a 10ms interval is set) and sometimes
after 11 or 12 ms).

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You need different architecture to achieve such timing. 


Timer is not precise enough and even if you can make it precise, there will always be other events that will mess up your timer schedule. You need a some kind of game loop. 


Basically, you should not rely on timer to calculate and paint your screen, you need to trigger paint event with delta time and based on that time (elapsed from last paint) you will calculate positions and render your screen.


Some starting point: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/651/how-should-i-write-a-main-game-loop 


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For us it is sufficient to swap color of a rectangle.

Today we tried something with the bitmap of a TImage which has a clear method where you can specify the new color.

That might be sufficient, if the timer would be more jitter free. Thus we call it from a secondary thread as TBitmap is thread-safe nowadays.


Question is how to "time" such a thread on Android precisely enough?

Do busy waiting with TStopWatch until the necessary time is elapsed?

Or is there something better?

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