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Delphi 7 is a lot slower on Windows 10 (compared to Win7)

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I notice a radical slowdown in Delphi 7 in Windows 10-64 when starting the application in the IDE in Debug mode.
In the non-Debug mod, the start is very fast.

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In previous versions of Windows 10, I also had this problem, but with the current version I use (1909) it works normally.

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I observe this delay of several seconds in the Debug mode Delphi 7 for Windows 10-64 2004 r19041.450

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I think this issue has to do with the integrated debugger an some form of optimization microsoft changed in Windows 10.

More info from Marco.

If I disable the integrated debugger then running from inside Delphi works at the same speed as if I run it externally, so I don't think that having D7 installed under the program files folder is the cause of this issue.

I tried setting "delphi32.exe" in Win7 compatibility mode, but it didn't help.


I even tried running externally and then connecting the debugger, but as soon as new DLLs are loaded (playing a media file using directshow), everything is the same slowness.


My problem running in a VM is that I'm developing a media player and as such, it uses a lot of hardware acceleration features and running under a VM will be a headache.

And a media player needs internet access for streaming and opening a Win7 machine to the internet is a bit dangerous nowadays when security patches are no longer released.


Any other ideas?

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Security patches WOULD be important, if there's no firewall whatsoever between the machine and the Internet (WinXP 30 sec countdown, anyone?) OR if you are visiting shady websites OR if any machine on the network is already infected.


I have an ESXi at home with VMs of all Windows Server versions from Win2k up so I can test the product compatibility. For none of these I have blocked Internet access and with only a router inbetween I had no issues (that I know of, anyway :)). in the past years.

I'd say it's safe to have EOL OSes connected to the Internet if you know exactly what you are doing.

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