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Adding file directories to project

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I just added the following feature request:



Combine Uses Clause Manager with favorites in Search path dialog


GExperts already adds a favorites button to the Search Path dialog. The directories configured there could also be used to find units in the Uses Clause Manager. If a unit from such a favorite directory is added to the uses clause, the UCM could offer to add the directory to the project search path.


The search path can be set via OTAPI:
or possibly
(The latter reads the search path for all supported IDE versions, I haven't tried whether writing is also possible.)


For Delphi 2007 to 2010 the search path is duplicated in
Not sure whether it is necessary to set all of them or whether the IDE automatically does this.



That would solve your problem.

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@dummzeuch do not forget that some project use uses that are on another path/disk depend on

user components/library installation.

Search is according to the user given directories and it will take time to search.

Now, what happens if a need for pas file has a duplicate, it has to check the date, and so on and so on.

it is not as simple as it sounds.

Sometimes, if one installed a new library with an update but the program

you compile uses an OLD version , what then.

It happens to me a lot needing to go back, and have problems.

People sometimes change, names, properties, and more when they update libraries.

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Correct but not all use indexing. Like me.

Why because I try to keep my c:\ as small as possible. Maybe I am wrong.

On my computer, I had already needed to swap a DVD reader

to increase disk size.

I am working for years on an external disk that I backup

on an 8 tera. and the c too.

Even still my c increases at an alarming rate.


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32 minutes ago, limelect said:

Why because I try to keep my c:\ as small as possible. Maybe I am wrong.

Sure you are wrong: you can move the index storage to another drive of folder.


Correct but not all use indexing. Like me.

You should. You can select what you put into the index. An index is really useful, you've got a nice example here: you complain the search is slow and yet you don't want to use an index. Kind of crazy, isn't it?


To index your Delphi source files, you have to add the folder(s) where your sources are and ask the indexer to index .pas, .dpr, .dfm, .fmx, .dpk and others you like as text files (which they are).

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12 hours ago, FPiette said:

I always add every file in the project directly

This won't work for cross-platform projects that target more than one platform from a single project.

13 hours ago, limelect said:

Now for what is needed. looking for an expert (or just an exe stay on top ) that can alleviate some of the processes. 

I started working on something like this a while ago to add to Codex:




..and just the other day I realised I needed it again. Fortunately the project didn't have a lot of dependent units. It has me thinking I should go back and finish it, though 🙂

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@FPiette I will check it. I always willing to learn new staff. Thanks


Running as per your advice


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