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TdxfOutlookBar for Delphi 5

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somebody named "Gilles The cat" just posted this in the Delhi Wiki:


I would like to know if anybody has an old component made for Delphi 5 called TdxfOutlookBar?


I have an app for my personnel use and had to reinstall Delphi and lost this component. Now I would like to make changes to my app but it is impossible without this component. If anybody has a copy or know where I can find it, PLEASE let me know.


Yhank you. Gilles The cat



Maybe somebody here can help.

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17 minutes ago, Attila Kovacs said:

Ask DevExpress?

Yes. I guess DevEx wouldn't like us to pass links around, however outdated the components may be.

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I only know one company who refuses to host old version of their products.

If he had a license he should contact DevExpress and ask for the package or for declaring it as abandonware.

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Agree! If it was proprietary, and subscription is active, DX *will* help.

If not active, still legal to compile and use, but one should not count on support.

DX usually offers a modern alternative (if it was a legacy component cx/dx).

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So, to sum it up: The "dx" in the name is a strong hint that it is from DevExpress, so it should be possible to get this component from them, even for Delphi 5.



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9 hours ago, Anders Melander said:

Before you posted this the first hit on Google for "TdxfOutlookBar" was Q499568 Replacement for TdxfOutlookBar...

The first Google hit for you might have been that. I didn't see this on the first page of results.

The joys of personalized search...

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Apparently he had already asked DevExpress and they cannot supply the old version.


(He could have mentioned that rather than let us (me) guessing. I didn't know what tdxfOutlootBar is/was and from they way he formulated his questionI thought he didn't either. That's what you get for trying to help. I should have known better. 😞 )

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