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MadExcept StartLeakChecking is causing random access violations

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I know that madshi has it's own support forum, I'm mainly looking for personal experiences. We have a large Delphi application with MadExcept purchased and integrated already. When I put the line "StartLeakChecking;" in this project, random nullpointer access violations start to happen... for example at TSpeedButtom.Glyph.Assign, because TSpeedButton.Glyph is nil. Errors do not appear without StartLeakChecking, with ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := True or when debugging via DeLeaker.

I am also aware that the main purpose of MadCollection is not to detect memory leaks, it's just something added as an extra.


So my question is... should I stop trying and just accept that this function is flawed? Do you guys have personal experience with MadCollection's memory leak detection in large projects? Has anyone seen these random AVs too?



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The leak detection tool is known to work well. Please post on the madExcept forum.


Applying Occam's Razor, you should entertain the possibility that there are defects in your program that this tool is notifying you of.

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