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[Rio][FMX]How to compile for iOS without an Apple device?

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I am asked to compile for iOS an app that was previously developed for Android.


Not being a customer of Apple products and having to meet only a one-shot need, the purchase of an Apple product is not on the agenda.


I have heard that there are websites that offer the possibility to remotely compile for Apple devices or that it was possible to go through a virtual OS (installation of a Mac OS via VirtualBox or VMware on a windows PC).


Does anyone have any experience on the subject?


What is the best solution based on your experience?


Thank you for your opinion


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MacIncloud writes on their website that MacIncloud has a partnership with Embarcadero.


But in their "Featured Tools and Applications", they write... "RAD PASERVER XE8, XE7, XE6"


It looks rather old... Is compatibility with RAD PaServer still available today?

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