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10.4.2 and iOS Launch Image

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From 10.4.1 to 10.4.2 all my apps on iPhone are now totally out of screen

They don't fit the screen resolution anymore.
Are the actual Launch Image dimensions defined somewhere?
In the Icons menu in Delphi, it just says "Launch Image any appearance 2x scale" and "3x scale", but any image would do?
Are you apps with launch images display them correctly on iPhones once you recompile them?
Thanks for any clue.


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I have same issue sometimes.

Strangely some apps show stretched image as it should, some apps don't (on the same phone e.g. Samsung S9 Plus ).

There was not anything suspicious in the icons or in the .xml templates, so no idea why.


What sometimes helps is to completely clean your project (incl. Storyboard), remove the app on the phone,

and reboot the phone.

Maybe its only a cached, old image or storyboard.


Thats helps not always in my case, so I have to live with tiny images.




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