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ERD tool needed!

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Hi there!

I want to create ER Diagrams from existing PostgreSQL database (100+ tables) to figure out how the tables relate to each other. I am looking for a tool (preferably standalone one) which I am gonna use once only. Any suggestions?

Best regards,


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Context Database Designer. https://www.contextsoft.com/products/designer/index.php

Affordable. However, not upgraded since 2018. Not sure that matters.


Idera's Aqua Data Studio has a modeler along with DB admin and DB development. Comes with Delphi Architect or as standalone.



Tried DbSchema. It's okay & cheap but wouldn't recommend. DataGrip has some modeling abilities. Achilles heal is performance with large databases, like Great Plain Dynamics database.

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4 hours ago, emailx45 said:

the IBExpert is a good software to created your diagram using your database as source, include many task like: create a scripts, reverse engineer task etc...


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6 hours ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:



Open source databases and commercial software: and 


2. PostgreSQL®

Due to the equally clear general conditions, the free deployment of the PostgreSQL® server was then reviewed. The following general conditions can be found on their website under About – Licence:

"Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, without fee, and without a written agreement is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph and the following two paragraphs appear in all copies."

On this basis every PostgreSQL® user may distribute this server in any combination with his own software to customers or any other parties. There is an interesting reference on their website4, why the PostgreSQL project chose the BSD license and explicitly not the GPL license. There have been various discussions regarding this in their forum.




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Thank you very much! All of you! I did not even realize that there exists so many tools for that. I tried to use all suggested apps but most of them failed. More precisely, I failed because, as I suppose, I did not use it properly. Anyway, finally I used DBeaver and DbSchema (Free edition). Both works as expected and were able to prepare ER Diagrams for PostgreSQL schema with 500+ tables. It looks astonish, really. A small example, generated by DbSchema, can be seen below. 🙂



Thank a lot again.



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