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Mike Torrettinni

How to compare performance between Delphi versions?

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1 hour ago, dummzeuch said:

BDS2006 does actually work on Windows 10. Every Delphi version since Delphi 6 does. Some need tweaks though.

Do you have the tweaks rules to run Delphi 2006 on W10 ?
Would be amazing for me can use that in W10.
I've do modify a program which uses pro-cameras with PCI camera board and in this case I need to develop in VM (XP),

copy the exe in W10 and try without debug... inserting tons of logs but it is very hard...

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, shineworld said:

Do you have the tweaks rules to run Delphi 2006 on W10 ?

I blogged about installing it on Windows 8.1, which also works on Windows 10 if I remember correctly. Getting the dotNET version it needs proved a bit more challenging on one computer (on others installing dotNET 3.5 simply worked). I also blogged about that.

(I mostly blog about those things so I can look it up if I need it again.)


Edit: I'm not sure whether I ever installed Delphi 2006 on Windows 10. On my current computer, I installed it to Windows 8 and upgraded that to Windows 8.1 and later to 10. It's possible that installing directly to Windows 10 is more involved.

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I have 2006 running on Windows 10. As far as I remember it just worked by using disk images of the install disks and running setup.exe manually. I think I also had to run the .net SDK-setup before, separately.

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An application should not be executed faster using DLLs, instead of an executable !!!


an Exe is allocated in a simple address space, while a DLL is adjusted in "this space" and refereced by pointers, what can be "broked"  for many causes. 


for me, an EXE should be always more quickly on "searches - for methods, vars, etc..." than a DLL. of course, some can not be correct here.





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