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Planning for V4 (FMX support)

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OK but on GitHub I see : 


Is OmniThreadLibrary supported on my platform?
At the moment, OTL supports Delphi 2007,...10.3 Rio, and 10.4 Sydney on Win32 and Win64 platforms using the VCL framework.

So I thought OTL depended on VCL.

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@Primož Gabrijelčič

Please clarify what platforms VCL/FMX can be used.
I'm interested in iOS / Android mainly, bit Win32/64 / Macos too.


Did I miss that your library is compatible with those ?

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I think you mean RTL but only certain platforms (Windows in V3) because I don't see any *visual* components in OTL (OmniThreadLibraryRuntime.dpk also only requires rtl.bpl).

Because technically you can build a Windows-only application using FMX with OTL just fine.

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