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Outlook Server Execution Failed

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When I create emails in Outlook using Indy they all work without a problem. I'm using Office365, so the latest version of Outlook.


However, when that same code is executed on a different PC, one that uses Outlook 2003, I get 'Server execution failed, ProgID: 'Outlook Application'


The start code for the email application is:

      Outlook:= GetActiveOleObject('Outlook.Application');
      Outlook:= CreateOleObject('Outlook.Application');


When I google I get various replies to this issue, but wondered if any Delphi guys have hit this problem and know of a solution. Maybe a different way to open an Outlook instance?

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What does this have to do with Indy?  You are getting an ActiveX/COM error, not a socket error.  Either Outlook is not installed, or it is malfunctioning, or your app simply doesn't have permission to run it.

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It may be that the Outlook 2003 OLE server lacks some of the interfaces that your OLE client implementation requires.

2003 is pretty ancient...

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Yes, don't think those two are compatible,   (2010), 2013,2016,2019 should work for the most common things,  besides i think it's a hazard to still run OL2003 (so is 2010  (&2013?) no more security fixes)


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Am I an idiot for not checking before post. Yes, wrong forum (I was working with Indy just prior and brain didn't disengage when I did this post, sorry). AND, a typo, the failure was on Outlook 2013 not Outlook 2003! 


I've since tested on Outlook 2010 and the code works fine. I'm thinking it's more of a permission thing on the client's PC, rather than Outlook itself. 


However, I'll shift this post to the correct forum now ...

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