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    if (SearchText[1]='*') then //  SearchText comes from a variable with UPPERCASE
      Delete(SearchText,1,1);  // Deleting * 
      FilterText:='UPPER(ITEMNAME) CONTAINING '+QuotedStr(SearchText);
    end else
    FilterText:='UPPER(ITEMNAME) STARTS '+QuotedStr(SearchText);

I'm getting Filter Expression Incorrectly Terminated.
What is wrong ?

Thank You

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Posted (edited)

Are you sure CONTAINING and STARTS are valid filter keywords?


I'd try UPPER(ITEMNAME) LIKE ''' + SearchText + '''' instead. 

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Thank you so much aehimself,
You are right we cant use SQL commands STARTS-CONTAINING in Filter Expressions.

I used LIKE and SearchText+% 

LIKE and  %+SearchText+%  
Thank you again.

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A long time ago I found this document, which shows the power of the .Filter property of DataSets. However it is Zeos-referenced I doubt that majority (or all) will not work on a regular dataset component.

Feel free to take a look: ZeosLib - Browse /documentation at SourceForge.net and download zExpression.pdf.

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Posted (edited)


For me, filter expressions complies only with the old LocalSQL of BDE so no STARTS nor CONTAINING.

Usually, I don't use tables, only querys to avoid this problem, and some Query data components have the good idea to offer macros to manage this sort of case    

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