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Ian Branch

Compiling Options?

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Hi Team,


In my Compiling options under Other|'Additional..'|'..All configurations..' are the following switches.  -x-Ox

What do they mean and where do I find them defined pls?

Regards & TIA,


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Primož Gabrijelčič said:

Was IDE Fix Pack merged into 10.3 release?

Has nothing to do with that - I suspect that the dproj was migrated from a version before 10.3 where someone tested with those options. Since there is no IDEFixPack for 10.3 yet, these options will have no effect.

Edited by Stefan Glienke
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Ah Ha!  Gentlemen.  100% nailed it.  Yes the project was brought over from D10.2.3 to D10.3.

Whilst I don't recall adding those options, no doubt I did.

I shall have to re-study them and re-understand why I did.

Regards & Tks to all.


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