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Tommi Prami

Is there GIS library for delphi (Free or very cheap)

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Just to tinker as hobby at home. 


Would not like to learn some other language to do some tinkering at home as hobby (et this point)



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What do you look after for GIS, something like OpenStreetMap mapping, or also ReverseGeoCoding ?

Maybe this little unit helps for OpenStreetMap, at least a somewhat.

Not sure if this is still current, since its already a little older.

But If you are able to spend a few bucks I would recommend the TMS OSM component, or the one for Google Maps.
I have seen at least the Google Maps version working very nicely.

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Posted (edited)

Should have been little more clear.


I would need to open vector maps, bitmap maps. And other geolocation  data.


do some drawing on the map etc.


Preferably some code to make some analysis if needed.





Edited by Tommi Prami

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Im afraid all GIS solutions are a little expensive, like TatukGIS.

Probably this CartoVCL is something for you, but I don't know much about it.

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