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Python4Delphi module and Wrapping VCL classes

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Hi all.

I'm trying to create a Python Extension Module with Delphi Sydney.

I'm adding an IPC Engine Client to access to one or more IPC Engine Server (either based on Windows Messages).


It works and is very a good tool.


I've only a question about the resulting python class that does not have a list of properties/methods, not in all cases.

Looking at xxx.__dir__ I can get the list of available methods:



But if I use the code completion of PyScripter only base TPyDelphiPersistent are available:


Strangely if I create a pre-made istance TPyIPCEngineClient object and I add it to the module as SetVar('myIPC', xxxx, xxx) all TPyIPCEngineClient

are showed.


What I'm mistaking ?

Thank you in advance for replies.




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Are you talking about code completion in the editor or the interpreter?

If it is in the editor does it help to add you delphi module to Tools, Options, IDE Options, Code Competion, Special packages?  You need to restart PyScripter or the Language server.

The other thing you could is to create a stub file for your python extension module (see for instance PyScripter: Completion with python extension modules such as PyQt5 and Pandas).

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I will try surely!
Thank you again.
Python extension and support on our products were strong requirements from customers.
Happy to know how simple is to do with py4d.

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