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Edwin Yip

I upgraded THunSpell (by Stefan Ascher) for unicode Delphi

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In case anyone is interested, and better, want to contribute, I've upgraded THunSpell which was originally written by Stefan Ascher to support Unicode Delphi and created a github repository.

Attached Demo screenshot.



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Hi Edwin,

Just looking at adding spell checking to my Apps.  D10.4.2 son to be D11.  Win 32 Apps.  No Unicode.

You say you have modified it for Unicode, will it still work OK for ANSI?

Which libhunspell.dll does it need/use?


Regards & TIA,


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Hi Ian,

By "for Unicode" it means it can be compiled and run correctly under Delphi 2009 plus, of course it also works for ANSI.

The repository already contains a libhunspell.dll in the demo subfolder.

Hope it helps.

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