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David Schwartz

how to load updated component code w/o rebuilding lib?

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I've got a 3rd-party library and found a bug in it. The vendor fixed the bug and sent me two files they updated.


It's not very practical to rebuild these libs, so I want to just load the files into the project folder and use them directly until they issue them in a formal library update.


Nothing I've tried is working. I know there's a way, but I guess I'm forgetting something.


What's the correct way to do this?


Note that these are both for visual components. (One is for DB use, one is not, and I use them both.)


There's a version property in the components that shows the version, and the newer files have a newer version#, and it's not what's being displayed.

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The components you see in the Form Designer are those inside the BPL loaded at design time. As long as you don't re-compile this BPL you will work with the old version of the component.


This can be different than the version compiled into your EXE, as long as the new source files are found somewhere in your search path.

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if you have the source just point to the source path in the project and the project will be compiled 

with the NEW source.

Project>option>search path> to source

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