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Using COM to update Word docx files

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Anyone playing around with docx files and trying to update a table of contents via win32com? I've got a working one with Python but our production environment runs on 10.4 only and we're having issues compiling it with P4D. So, i'll just ask if anyone has some similar implementation of this Python code in Delphi?

def update_toc(docx_file):
    word = win32com.client.DispatchEx("Word.Application")
    doc = word.Documents.Open(docx_file)

thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.

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Posted (edited)

Try something like this:

procedure update_toc(const docx_file: string);
  word, doc: Variant;
  word := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');
  doc := word.Documents.Open(WideString(docx_file));
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Posted (edited)

Thank you @Remy Lebeau I'll give this a try.


wow it does work! I never thought it was possible because in my readings, word needs to open the file in order to update the table of contents. Thanks again! 😉

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Read here

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