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Problem with column names in dbgrid

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If there is an invisible column, the name of the next column that is not fully visible is not drawn



If Second column is visible = false then


This can be seen in the design time as well
Delphi Alexandria with the update

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You forgot one piece of information. What a component it is.

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TDBgrid. Problem is in Vcl.Grids

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TDBGrid is doing a really crappy job in sizing it's columns and however I didn't meet the issue you describe, I simply consider it to this "feature".


Have a look at this snipplet for a possible fix; I started mine based on this too.

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Posted (edited)

I wanted to do this for a really long time so I started to extract the core improvements of Delphi's TDBGrid into a separate component. This includes:

- New public BeginUpdate / EndUpdate methods, which can disconnect the dataset and keep the previous image on the component. This is useful if you are doing opens / posts / anything in a background thread but don't want to show emptiness until

- Automatic and manual fitting of columns which considers the column and the content width but won't let a column be wider than half it's size

- Vertical scrollbar now works properly, not only 3 positions and is not visible when not needed

- Grid properly handles mouse wheel scrolling

- Content is shown as the scrollbar is dragged (not only updating when the mouse is released)

- If there is no connected dataset or it is not active, the two empty cells won't be shown

- Every second row has a slightly different background, out-of-focus selection is now drawn with a separate shade of grey, so you can see that the grid is not in focus. This considers VCL styles.

- If TitleClick or TitleHotTrack is enabled, the cursor changes to a hand instead of the pointers


It might get more updates later on when I see what code can be generally used from my heavily customized one.


Feel free to grab it / check how things were done. Tried to put comments everywhere.

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