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Bob Baudewyns

Looking for outsourcing FMX development

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I'm looking to outsource the development of a standalone generic custom dialog box framework that can be used from a simple MessageBox (error, warning...) with icon to flexible container to display almost anything

Can also act as message toaster


Based on the following specifications:

  • FMX Framework. Compliant with FMX styling
  • Independent unit as non-visual component
  • - Non-modal mode like a simple pop-up message
    - Modal mode, interrupting execution proving same user feedback as standard dialogs when clicking outside
    - Toaster mode with duration
  • Fully localizable
  • Size: Fixed, Autosize, Sizeable (Win, OSX) 
  • Screen Position: Top, Center, Bottom
  • Options to modify
    - Dialog Background (Color, Fill, Gradient, Image) with opacity
    - Margins
    - Dialog Borders (Color, stroke), Corners (Radius), Shadow (Color, opacity)
    - Shade or Blur the background application behind it
  • Screen Position: Top, Center, Bottom
  • Appearance and disappearance with animations.
    i.e. :
    - Fade in / out 
    - Fly: scrolling from a side (top, bottom, left, right)
    - Grow / Shrink
    - Split / Wipe, etc...
  • Generic methods to open, update (i.e. progress dialog) and close the dialog
    Modal result


  1. No dependency with another third-party library
  2. Full code source delivered. We are owning that code (negotiable).
  3. Shipped as a Delphi packages (10.4, 11).
  4. A demo application must also be provided to validate the deliverables
  5. Need an invoice


Please send me your best proposition possibly with additional features in private message

Don't hesitate if you have any question to discuss or any comment to improve this project

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