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How to properly detect name of exe (running app) in Windows 10

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Std func does not work in Windows 10 for certain apps like Calculator, when Window is focused it's detected as 'ApplicationFrameHost.exe'

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1 hour ago, David Heffernan said:

That's the name of the executing process. Asker wants to know about external processes. 

Oh, yeah. My reading comprehension is a bit down today I guess.

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4 hours ago, johnnydp said:

Sorry I mean that code:



Thanks. Yes mentioned URLs to stackoverflow contain the same problem asking, but there are many answers and comments I don't know which one is realiable.

Has anyone had something similar in Delphi which works ?

That SO topic is the same issue as yours. You might have to do a bit of research starting there. 


What you need to do is find the child process that actually implements the app. Lots of code examples to do that. 

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