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SQL problem

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I have a text (it is a directory) I would like to find in a DB.

My SQL which is OK

 FDQuery4.SQL.add('WHERE MainDirectory LIKE ''%' + jvDirectoryEdit1.Text + '%'''

Now to the problem

If my DB text is  G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3.2.2\

and I am looking for 

G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3.2.2\


G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3 

My above statement finds it NO PROBLEM

HOW EVER if my search is

G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3.2.2\Examples\Layers101

My above line does NOT find it.

What I also tried is using CHARINDEX which I may be did not use correctly


So w.hat I am looking for is search text WITHIN my DB text

Any idea thanks



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Could there be some sort of escape handling kicking in?

Is it necessary to pre-process the text you send as parameter to ensure it is correctly handled by SQLite?

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@Lars Fosdal NO escape but i see there are 2 more possibilities

SUBSTRING and  containing


containing does not work unless i do not know how to use it


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@Lars Fosdal this F7 full statement output that works


'Select SectionsId,MainDirectory,MyDateTime,ProjectName,ProjectrealName,Category,FileMask ,Description,FilesIndex'#$D#$A'from Files,Projects'#$D#$A'WHERE MainDirectory LIKE ''%G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3.2.2%''AND SectionsId=FilesIndex'


As you see no problem

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@Lars Fosdal Unfortunately all those 'like' explanations are known to me


Or would you like me to make a small DB source to examine the problem?

and put it here?

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yes just add a few characters to the text and it will not find the item (a record)

and this is what I want or delete some text and it will find

see my first  writings WITHIN my DB text

7 minutes ago, Lars Fosdal said:

The example does not exemplify the problem.


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Maybe I will clarify my problem I add the base directory to the database.

But this directory has many subdirectories and if one searches for a subdirectory

he still needs to find the main directory. This is why

my search is like that.


Do you think there is another way to solve the problem?

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My bad for not reading your example closely enough.


The problem is that you are not searching for a substring

%G:\Delphi Projects\image32_3.2.2\Examples\Layers101% is a superset that contains values that are NOT in the database.  

You want to find out if your DB text is contained in your parameter - which is completely different thing.


  FDQuery1.SQL.add('Select MainDirectory');
  FDQuery1.SQL.add('from Files');
  FDQuery1.SQL.add('WHERE INSTR(''' + Edit1.Text + ''', MainDirectory) > 0');

The above will return lines where the MainDirectory strings are found as part of the string in Edit1.Text.

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Delete some chare and it WII NOT find part of the text

The Like finds if you delete some char

INTR find if you add char

maybe i will try to OR both

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  FDQuery1.SQL.add('WHERE (MainDirectory LIKE ''%' + Edit1.Text + '%'') OR INSTR(''' + Edit1.Text + ''', MainDirectory) > 0'  );
I will check it on the real software

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why do you need the 2 different compare functions? why not just 


WHERE (A LIKE '%' + B + '%') OR (B LIKE '%' + A + '%') ?


if you read it out loud, everybody beside to you will understand what you want


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Well, it returns me to my original problem OUT OF MEMORY.

I made a crazy software.

In any case, you helped a lot.Thanks

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