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Error building rev 3943

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Attempting to build rev 3943 under D11.2.

Get the following..





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Posted (edited)

This bug seems to be introduces with revision 3938. That introduced the unit GX_FormHotkeysSelect to GX_FormHotkeys, but the GX_FormHotkeysSelect unit is not found in the source code.

Looks like @dummzeuch forgot to add it to the repository.


The commit to add the form should have been 3940 ("added additional form for selecting a hotkey") but that changed only the project files.

Reverting 3938 and 3940 fixes the compilation for me.

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I saw the bug report on Sourceforge first (thanks to whoever kgmccoy is). Yes, I forgot to add the form. Goes to show that it's a bad idea to have uncommited changes laying around. Fixed now with revision #3944.

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