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Looking for ways to subscribe to posts and only view new posts (not the new comments to non-followed ones)

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One of the strengths of G+ is that you can follow posts (by commenting on them) so you get notifications on new comments.


This allows a way of operation where you see just two things in a post feeds:


- new posts

- posts re-appear that you commented on and have new comments since the last comment


This was a very powerful way of keeping up, with things and one of the reasons I limited myself almost exclusively to G+ (forums, Twitter, FaceBook, do not have this).


Is it possible to have a forum stream that comes close to the above behaviour?


The current RSS stream does not: it gets an entry for every new post or comment.



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I have given this some thought. My main aim is to follow in a central place like feedly.com without re-creating a new RSS feed for everything i want to follow.


Basically my G+ was the central place to follow all my social media stuff, and feedly.com is my place for following news.


Any thoughts on that?

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