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What kind of short cut, or multiple keyboard press do you prefer for new users?

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all time (paranoic): Ctrl+S (save of course), Ctrl+D (formatter my code...),

for code tests: Ctrl+F9 (compiling...), Shift+F9 (bulding...)

when all is wrong: Alt+F4 (bye bye)

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I mean in delphi. for example.. ctrl + shift + c , on procedure or function yougot there, what you wrote there. anyway alt+f4 are the best all the time :)

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Alt-F4? 🙂


Back to the topic, either fully configurable or as close to the competition as possible. You have better chance for new users to quickly feel comfortable using application if it behaves like something they already got used to (LibreOffice/OpenOffice vs. Word).


Also, for what function?

Ctrl-N usually means "New" something. If you do not have an action to create a new something, you can use it for nanobot deployment.

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Also, select some range and press "Ctrl+/" , it gives "//" to each selected line. Press again, and will remove it.



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Oh, I completely seem to have missed you are asking about the Delphi IDE..




Ctrl-Shift-Up / Down

While debugging, F7 and Shift - F7 (I know people working withing with Delphi for 5+ years and didn't know about this)

Ctrl-Shift-E can be useful when it's working...

Ctrl + /

Ctrl + F12



Alt + F12

Ctrl + H

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