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  1. John Kouraklis


    Whereas you feel safe with American companies which hand over everything on you to NSA and FBI as they do not risk to end up in jail. Come on, OrangeUI is probably an individual who sells his product. I am sure all of us have bought components from such individuals in the past. And, really, would you feel more comfortable if the site was in English and the download link was a direct file? or if the domain was orangeui.com?
  2. limelect

    change the path to an existing windows explorer

    @PeterBelow Thank you what i did in the above program just added 2 lines findexpl:=GetAncestor(WebBrowserApp.HWnd,GA_ROOT); SetForegroundwindow(findexpl);
  3. I have a similar project like this http://qaru.site/questions/919835/how-to-change-path-of-an-existing-windows-explorer-window when using Result := Succeeded(ShellBrowser.BrowseObject(ItemIDList, SBSP_SAMEBROWSER} or SBSP_ABSOLUTE)); explorer changes but i would like to bring also explorer to FRONT on top of all pages.