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  1. vfbb

    ZXing Delphi for 10.4

    Just a information: The ZXing is a crossplatform solution, and is simple to implement, but is not the best choose. In Android I prefer the GoogleVision and in iOS I prefer use the apis of the AVFoundation, you will even avoid using TCamera, because it is very slow, very.
  2. vfbb

    ZXing Delphi for 10.4

    https://github.com/Spelt/ZXing.Delphi It is compatible with 10.4 (although the readmeinforms support for delphi 10.3.3) I have to inform you that there are some leaks in the spelt code, nothing that you cannot solve.
  3. Cristian Peța

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Not usable for me yet. [TClientDataSet] Exception when a ftWideMemo is set to an empty string with LogChanges=True https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29431 P.S. Just updated the report with an other issue very probable related.
  4. FlaviusFX

    Advanced ERP

    Made with Delphi https://www.erpsirius.co.uk/
  5. Hi, My name is Chee-Wee. I'm a Delphi MVP and known to most as chuacw or Chewy. I've been a Delphi user since 1995. I'm looking for remote work on Delphi. I use English natively. I was previously a Borland employee, working at the Tech Support department in Singapore, between 2005-2008. I've also delivered demos and fixes in the Delphi product itself. On and off, I've been writing a blog with most postings in Delphi at https://chuacw.ath.cx/blogs/chuacw/default.aspx amongst other technical writings. My Github is at: https://github.com/chuacw Feel free to reach out. Thank you.