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  1. Anders Melander

    Vote for Segoe UI as Default Font opened.

    Voted. I've been using the following work around in the dpr file for ages: if (CheckWin32Version(6, 0)) then // Application.DefaultFont is the font used when TForm.ParentFont=True. // It is Tahoma by default but should be Segoe UI on Vista and later (according to MS UI guide lines). // See InitDefFontData() in graphics.pas Application.DefaultFont.Assign(Screen.MessageFont); And I have ParentFont=True on all forms.
  2. You can read what Microsoft write in this link. Using "MS Shell Dlg 2" pseudo font is to be backward compatible i guess. (Would be fatal if from now on that HKEY would lead to Segoe UI, font size would not match on old applications....) Feel free to use the classic Windows XP way, my wish is to be more modern and not support Windows XP.
  3. Martin Wienold

    Where to put component libraries.

    At work, we have two Git Repositories. One for the components and one for our actual application. Our build environment takes care of syncing both to the correct branch (with a fallback to just develop for the component repository). The result is that every developer has a local working directory for the components with prebuild binaries to minimize the buildtimes. In theory, every develop could have a different location for it, in practice we have it below a folder in %PUBLIC% (example C:\Users\Public\Documents\SomeFolder\Comps). Our git server (we use Gitlab) notifies everyone for any change in the component repository, keeping errors due to mismatching components down to a minimum. So back to your question: Put it anywhere you want as long as its a local copy and you have a "global" copy, preferable in your version control of your choice. %PUBLIC% is user independant place, but every other folder is also fine.
  4. Good day everone! I did opened this https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33937 to have Segoe UI (Windows Vista+) as Default Font instead of Tahoma (Windows XP) Stay healthy!
  5. Did you filled a bug report also with Microsoft? Delphi uses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes\MS Shell Dlg 2 on my Windows 10 that's still Tahoma.