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  1. 9 minutes ago, Yaron said:

    Unlike windows which places all the resources in the executable, if you look into the installation folder on Android, you'll see that all the resource files are in their own folder as actual files, so the resource function is just re-routing to these files.

    @Yaron That was my concern TBH---a huge file like in Win


    10 minutes ago, Yaron said:

    I also use a caching mechanism in my apps where the images are scaled in high quality to the UI resolution and then saved uncompressed to speed up future loads.

    I recall a similar discussion somewhere else. 🙂


    You mean the original file in the resources is in high-res and then you scale it down to meet the screen resolution, right? and then you store this in a cache directory

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to see other people's experiences with debugging in Android.

    How does it work for you?

    Actually, I've never managed to make it work :classic_sad::classic_sad:. The debugger never gets connected to the right port, etc. etc.

    Now I've got some code that does not work and I comment/uncomment code to find the problem.

    There must be surely an easier way.

    I use a real Android tablet connected to a VM, if it matters 



  3. 7 minutes ago, Rollo62 said:

    With that Stylebook, you can copy and paste by the way, you can use them in other Frames etc. too.

    Yes true.

    Many times, I copy paste the text in the style file directly. This can be complicated if you have complex objects (components, animation, layouts, etc.) but after a while you grasp the hierarchy of objects in the style-file

  4. 12 hours ago, John Kouraklis said:

    The "Edit Custom Style..." does not exist any more.

    Correction....this option exists only when  you drop components in a form.


    If it happens to use frames (as I do all the time), this option is not available :classic_sad::classic_sad:

  5. The "Edit Custom Style..." does not exist any more.


    As said, the official (cross-platform) way to change the background is to use a style.


    Although this is not what you are asking, try to use a glow effect (yellow or red) on the edit field instead a yellow rectangle. Super easy to implement and the effect looks cool in all platforms 🙂 

  6. @dummzeuch....sorry again...


    Well, I was right. When the IDE loads, the startup layout loads and GExperts then changes to the pre-selected layout.


    What I meant is that the IDE starts and stays to startup layout and when a project opens then GExperts changes the layout 

  7. 12 hours ago, dummzeuch said:

    Doesn't the IDE already do that? It annoys the hell out of me that my IDE window moves from my primary monitor to my secondary monitor when I open a project and moves back to the primary monitor when I close one.

    Yes, that's right. Sorry, I  misunderstood what you wrote earlier :classic_wacko::classic_wacko:

    GExperts behaves correctly with the layouts.

  8. 17 minutes ago, dummzeuch said:

    Somebody (Achim Kalwa?) Submitted a patch to solve this to GExperts a while ago. I'm not sure whether has been a release since then, but you can always build your own DLL.

    So, GExperts solve this?