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  1. David Millington

    ANN: Parnassus Parallel Debugger

    No idea! Installation there are part of GetIt. The plugin installs several DLLs, and that one is a shared DLL also used by Bookmarks and Navigator. Do you have either of those installed? If it persists I'd contact Support.
  2. David Millington

    Last ways to contact Embarcadero

    Yes - always happy to get an email 🙂 Our email addresses are in the format firstname dot lastname, ie mine is david dot millington at embarcadero.com.
  3. David Millington

    Does C++ Builder have code completion?

    I know right now code completion is, let's say, not ideal. We hope this will be much better in 10.4.2 - lots of work going into it in this release. You can see this noted on our recent roadmap: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-november-2020-roadmap-pm-commentary/
  4. David Millington

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    Thankyou for adding this! I do know of C++ customers who lurk here, semi-anonymously since it's always been for Delphi. I hope we'll see some uptake here now there's an official C++ area. I appreciate you making it, thankyou. Atilla, I'm sorry to see you want to hide it. I hope seeing the sister language / second part f RAD Studio won't bother you or others too much. At Emb, we try to emphasise the benefits of integration (eg, getting access to C++ libraries from Delphi, or math performance, or similar.) I personally feel (from observation) there are many Delphi users who would find a little C++ in their apps a benefit.
  5. We're looking into it, but without being able to repro in-house (yet) I can't guarantee a fix in 10.3.2.
  6. And for the past-versions thing, Uwe had good steps. Please see https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/troubleshooting-installing-bookmarks-and-navigator-in-10-3-rio-as-well-as-earlier-versions for a full writeup.
  7. We've seen the same error for other plugins too. So far we haven't tracked it down. Do you get a call stack?
  8. David Millington

    ABI Changes in RAD Studio 10.3

    4 bytes does fit into a register in both and is okay. It is params of 5, 6, 7, and 8 bytes in size that prompted this work: that is, params that may or may not fit into a register depending on if the register is 4 bytes or 8 bytes in size. I updated to make that clearer. Glad you find it interesting! For VC compatibility: for cdecl and stdcall, possibly. We had a very comprehensive review of all calling conventions on all platforms. Other compatibility areas with VC can be very different areas, things like object file format or RTL or...
  9. We made some changes to the low-level method call ABI in 10.3, which affects both Delphi and C++. This is likely to be invisible to you unless you do something very low-level. It's more visible to you if you use C++, because now an entire class of bugs has been fixed in one go. IMO, whether you use C++ or not, it's very interesting! Info here: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/abi-changes-in-rad-studio-10-3
  10. David Millington

    Unresponsive IDE and massive memory leaks with RIO

    Hi @swierzbicki, Did you install with the ISO installer, or the GetIt installer? I'm not certain from the name "swierzbicki" who's behind the account :) Were you on the beta and did you install any beta builds on this same machine? Cheers, David
  11. More info here: http://community.idera.com/developer-tools/b/blog/posts/new-in-rad-studio-10-3-options-dialog-improvements
  12. David Millington

    Reset the editor modified status in IDE

    For the DFM editor, you're looking for the module's current active editor (have a look at IOTAModule) and from that you can tell what it is, eg the DFM, and should be able to tell if it's a form or form-as-text editor.
  13. David Millington

    Theming in the IDE

    This one should be fixed in 10.3. In terms of theme breaking - that bug isn't seen in 10.3, but it's the first time I've heard of it in 10.2.3 either. Is there a bug report?
  14. David Millington

    New in 10.3: IDE UI Improvements in the Main Window

    @Attila Kovacs I look after the IDE, so it is "my work" in that sense, but credit really needs to go to our very hard-working developer, and the UX designer I worked with to create the new look. @Lars Fosdal + vs > is a stylistic choice, since > seems to be more common today.
  15. David Millington

    New in 10.3: IDE UI Improvements in the Main Window

    We use it internally, daily, and so it's had a lot of revision over time as we made changes. While nothing is ever perfect, I can tell you I love using it much more than 10.2.3 - it's is just nicer. The animated videos on the blog should give you an idea of what using it is like, I hope. If you have requests about other areas, let me know. There are two more blog posts in the UX series planned, on other areas in the IDE.