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  1. Antony Augustus

    Frequent compilation errors

    Hi, I upgraded my Firemonkey project from Delphi 10.1 to Delphi 10.2 and Delphi 10.3 . In 10.2 and 10.3, I get frequent compilation errors like [DCC Error] - E1026 file not found "G:\filepath", [DCC Fatal Error] - F2063 Could not compile used unit 'filename.pas' 1 out of 10 times is compiling successfully. What could be the issue? I couldn't find a solution till now. Any help would be appreciated.Screenshot attached
  2. Antony Augustus

    Looking for long term partners/investors

    Give me some time. I will schedule a demo for this.
  3. Antony Augustus

    Ontwikkelaar ERP software Oosterwolde

    Hi Gert, I am looking to go independent and decided to start my own venture. Interested in Delphi for time being. Please let me know if you are willing to delegate any Delphi work.
  4. Antony Augustus

    Looking for long term partners/investors

    Yes I got it now! 😃
  5. Antony Augustus

    Looking for long term partners/investors

    So, you say that I have violated the Pareto's rule? I still have 40% of the work pending to make it usable for any business.
  6. Antony Augustus

    Looking for long term partners/investors

    Hi Nirav, It is not hosted anywhere. I have tested in my local environment. It is not an 100% usable product now. I am looking for partners/investors if they have a need for this kind of a solution.
  7. Hello all, I have 60% of the code stubs developed in Delphi 10.1 and above for an Enterprise Architecture involving Mobile Client, Sync Services, Desktop client, REST Server, SQL Lite and SQL Server. Looking for partners/investors to make it a full fledged, modern and state of art enterprise distributed cloud application that can support any domain. Architecture attached.
  8. Antony Augustus

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    Sorry for the late response. Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions! The application looks more refined and professional than before.
  9. Antony Augustus

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    @Kas Ob. I gave a try with your mono-color suggestions and application looked clean and consistent. However, looks are a subjective thing. Some people liked the old colored one. I have attached the new look screenshots.
  10. Antony Augustus

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    @Kas Ob. I made the following changes to the application. 1) Changed the color theme to DarkGreen. Delphi does not allow hex values for the colors in https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_2019.asp 2) Removed smaller icons 3) Removed the old icons and put new ones with green theming to make it consistent with application color 4) Rent collection screen modified to include bigger fonts.
  11. Antony Augustus

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    Thanks @Kas Ob. They were all great suggestions! I will implement those in my application.
  12. Antony Augustus

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    I agree that the GUI is not appealing. By components limited, I meant there are limited set of 3rd party components for Firemonkey(Android, iOS, Windows, etc) as compared to .net technologies, java, etc
  13. I developed an application using Delphi Firemonkey for managing my own commercial complex. I have named it EasyTenant. Overall development experience is good, though not excellent. Development was really faster because of the RAD nature. Third party components are limited for Android Firemonkey. GUI is average, not rich like other languages like Swift, Java, etc. Delphi lovers please give your feedback by looking at the screenshots. UX for me is okay not excellent.
  14. Antony Augustus

    Advisor/Product Manager

    Hi John, Currently I am managing a team that is developing a product from scratch for the corporate training domain. I believe I can help you a bit here. Here are my suggestions for you. Choose the following latest technologies if you are procuring licensed software Language - C#.net Backend - Asp.net BoilerPlate, REST Web API Frontend - Angular 8, HTML5, CSS, Single Page Application Database - SQL Server 15.0 / Azure SQL Environment - On-Prem/Cloud based on need Architecture - Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks Antony Augustus L antony_agustus@yahoo.com
  15. Looking to execute Delphi projects offshore with high quality and reasonable cost. Antony_Augustus_Delphi_Company.doc