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  1. On 5/26/2022 at 10:51 AM, Roger Cigol said:

    or is the TEdit bound to the data source by LiveBindings ? (Right click on the TEdit and select BindVisually....)

    Side note: Considering the DBEdit in question is the 85th of its kind, and remembering the low scalability of LiveBindings I find that highly improbable.


  2. Seriously, at this time all alarm bells should be going off, when entering the MIDA Converter site: No Certificate, no Imprint, last forum entry was April 2019. This is no place to buy anything from right now. Try to get your bank to cancel the money transfer.

  3. Ok, so the points need to be hit, but the lines in between may be rounded. That might not be covered by splines to well. 😞

    Well strike that, of course the Points will be hit. It is "just" a matter of choosing the controlpoints well to get a decent shape. But therein lies the rub I guess.

  4. 11 hours ago, Vincent Parrett said:

    Agreed, however you don't have to answer all of those.. most have a prefer not to say option. I really don't know why they need to ask about my sexuality etc 🙄 

    My guess is, next year they'll ask about sex in the workplace and need to set up possible combinations...

    But joking aside I participated in the survey too. :classic_cheerleader:

  5. 1 hour ago, Lajos Juhász said:


    Unlike fmx Skia is developed by Google. They have more resources and ..... (I cannot write here that unlike Embarcadero most probably they will keep it stable).

    Well... Google has a tendency to scrap even well used projects out of the blue. And just because something is being developed by Google doesn't make it a great thing...I feel quite contrarily, but maybe I just hate ads a bit more than others.