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  1. So, from your description I gather you are not using the LSP? Is something missing from it to make it unsuitable for this task, or is it not accessible altogether for plugins other than Embarcaderos own? Or am I misunderstanding the purpose of the LSP completely...never actively used it.

  2. @Uwe Raabe You are right, and that is why I sort of constrained my claim to "most of the time". It is very important, that users not have a hard time recognizing their security relevant and time sensitive application. Not many applications however are just that, security relevant or time sensitive. They are simple boring data entry UIs and it is understandable, that a developer is tempted to "pep things up" but that has to be done very carefully and I doubt Themes are the way to go. At least last time I looked at them (three years ago) they where inconsistent and hard to edit/adapt to own wishes.


    But I believe this is leaving the path the OP had in mind.

  3. Any style that differs from the current OSes UI style and style guide, will cause an application to look and feel strangely out of place. You might want or like that, but most of the time users will feel uneasy about it as soon as the initial "wow how pretty" effect has faded to "why is the quit button green?". So in essence styles to me are just another toy where Embarcadero has wasted precious time and money, both of which are direly needed in other areas of the product.

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  4. Check what is entered in the field labeled "né". This can not be converted to a date. I'm guessing that is a TMaskEdit. You should only try to convert its contents, when it is filled with data. By the way, this applies to all other date fields...and perhaps even more.

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  5. OK you'll need:

    uses FMX.Types, FMX.BehaviourManager, FMX.Platform;


    And even if you only develop for yourself, you should consider different DPI and scaling in your application because you might treat yourself to a monitor with higher resolution at some point.

  6. Have you tried your code on Windows set to 150% or any other scale? You need to find out, what the DisplayMetrics are and react accordingly. I use something like this

      if TBehaviorServices.Current.SupportsBehaviorService(IDeviceBehavior,
        DeviceBehavior, Context) then
        DisplayMetrics := DeviceBehavior.GetDisplayMetrics(Context);
        Scale := DisplayMetrics.ScreenScale;
        ppi := DisplayMetrics.PixelsPerInch;


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  7. I'm afraid that is a waste of time. It's not just the SDK that is needed here. Code signing by a specific XCode release is checked by Apple as well.

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  8. Microsoft used to offer outdated OSes such as XP in virtual machines to test websites on different IE versions. Seems these VMs are gone though...you could try archive.org however.

  9. I would suggest to look up TryStrToInt. But that is just the beginning. What happens if you add 1 to 999.9999? Are there rules for those grouping dots? If the dots are always at the same place you could remove them before conversion and put them back in after your math and reconversion to string.