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  1. Never happend to me. How did you know, that "Everything" is the reason, your PC died?
  2. Everything is the best tool ever. I use it multiple times a day and I find every file i need. In one second.
  3. bernau

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    I didn't visit the ECON. But everything, that has to do with IDE-Plugins, is very interesting for me. Is there any description available? What is the function of the Code Coverage Plugin? Do you have Screenshots?
  4. For me too. Not such a big thing, but it confuses me sometimes.
  5. bernau

    Bookmarks in the forum?

    Maybe it's time for a donation button.
  6. bernau

    New GExperts Feature: Favorites menu

    That's a really cool feature. Perfect for me.👍
  7. bernau

    Disabled Forum-Topics

    No extensions are installed. But it's OK for me. Now, I know how to handle it. There are other more importend things to do for you 😉
  8. bernau

    Disabled Forum-Topics

    tried it with opera and firefox. Same thing. First click -> nothing happens Wait 2 seconds Second click -> click accepted
  9. bernau

    Disabled Forum-Topics

    Ok. It works. But I have to click twice on the item. First click doesn't work.
  10. Why is only the "Forums"-Item enabled?