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  1. Hello, if you have 2 minutes, please fill out my latest survey. Thanx Mavarik
  2. Simple... After the Resize event - wait for application.onIdle - then check clientWight/Height. Frank
  3. What you are doing with this SDK?
  4. Mavarik

    Request for advice: FireMonkey and Frames

    That's why I did not use frames at all... But with FMX there is no need for a "frame". For every content I create a Form with a TLayout. If there is any need to uses this content on a other form/tab/whatever, you just have to set the parent of the layout to the e.g. tab or any other layout on any other form. So easy... Frank
  5. Mavarik

    [3D] Why do i need to use negative Y values to go UP?

    in 3D you have X any Y from -1 … 1 and the origin is at the center.
  6. Mavarik

    Google Map Component

    Not JavaScript so not this one from TMS? btw. Google Map is not "free" anymore - beside the registration you have to provide your credit cart for payment... Frank
  7. Hi! Has anybody written - or seen - a FMX-TMaterial shader with support for light and 4 bitmap? - Texture - Bumpmap - Reflection - Normals