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Found 3 results

  1. RussellW

    DSIWin32 ComObj

    I am using OTL in a 64 bit Delphi 10.2.3 app (haven't had to look at it for a while). I have updated OTL and I now get a ComObj can't be found error in DSIWin32. This is fixed by changing it to System.Win.ComObj. One question, is DSIWin32 the correct unit to be used in a 64bit app?
  2. Hi, After updating to delphi 10.4 and SDK 29 the camera and gallery do not work on Android 10 Also delphi examples don't work. After taking a photo from the camera the app doesn't return anything while the gallery, after choosing the photo, raises this execption First chance exception at $ 00000074D87D473C. Exception class EBitmapLoadingFailed with message 'Loading bitmap failed (/data/user/0/com.embarcadero.CameraRoll/cache/IMG_20200911_1728082355078942815963051.jpg).'. Process CameraRoll.apk (11714) any ideas?
  3. Consider the following: I have a method that raises an EAggregateException that only contains one inner exception In my try block, I would like to extract the one inner exception and raise this instead. procedure raiseAggregate(); var innerExceptions: TArray<Exception>; aggregateException: EAggregateException; begin innerExceptions := [EProgrammerNotFound.Create('hello')]; aggregateException := EAggregateException.Create(innerExceptions); raise aggregateException; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin try raiseAggregate(); except on e: EAggregateException do begin if (e.Count = 1) then raise e.InnerExceptions[0] // <<< that would be too easy else raise e; end else raise; end; end; How do I do this? I cannot simply use raise e.InnerExceptions[0] because e gets destroyed at the end of the try..except block. This is a problem because e owns its inner exceptions. When e gets destroyed, I have basically raised a destroyed exception. In case you're not familiar with the System.Threading.EAggregateException, you check the .NET documentation. Embarcadero documentation does not exist.