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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, A generic question. I'm deploying my apps with an embedded SQLite DB. Each time I compile/deploy, that existing on device DB file is overwritten by the default one. It's fine for development. But how do you actually proceed if you want to deploy an update? If a user has the app already with personal data, I don't want her/him to lose that data. Testing whether the DB already exists is not possible since it's deployed each time within the new binary. One way would be to have all the code to check whether the DB exists. If not, programmatically create it and fill it with sample data. If it does, just check its version and apply possible structure upgrades? But it feels like this would embark a lot of code that may not really be useful. How do you guys deploy news versions of your apps without overwriting exists DBs? I especially think about iOS and Android devices. Thanks for any light. Steve
  2. corneliusdavid

    Android project deployment messed up

    I have two different, very simple, cross-platform projects I'm using for development testing, one works fine, the other used to but is now getting a strange error when I try to deploy it to my Android device: The project that deploys fine has the same base project filename as the folder in which it resides. The second project (the one with the problem), DelphiVersions, is one of several projects in a folder, each project's name is appended with the type of platform it's for. The folder name is V:\DelphiVersions and I have DelphiVersionsConsole, DelphiVersionsVCL, and DelphiVersionsMobile in that folder. The last one, of course, uses FireMonkey, and is deployed to Android and iOS. I'm using Delphi 10.4 and had this working a few months ago but since Android 11 and API 30 was released I wanted to have more direct control over where and which SDK was installed and found this excellent blog that helped me get there. This also meant I switched to using OpenJDK and changed the location of the SDK and tools. Should still be good, right? As I examined the project trying to figure this out, I deleted temporary files, even removed Android support from the project and re-added it, and checked a few other things. The only thing I can think of that is different where deployment is concerned, is that the DelphiVersions one has "Mobile" appended to the end of the project name and one of the build tools must assume the project name is the same as the folder name. The obvious thing to try is rename the project to just DelphiVersions to match the folder name--I did that but it gave a similar error, this time with the path "V:\DelphiVersions\bin\DelphiVersions.apk" not found. So mismatched project name is not the source of the problem. Another thing to note is that I have projects for several versions of Delphi in sub folders and for Delphi 10.4 it's in a "104Sydney" folder and it actually generates "V:\DelphiVersions\104Sydney\DelphiVersionsMobile\bin\DelphiVersionsMobile.apk" (the file is actually where it should be!). I also looked at the deployment file list and the manifest file--still no clue. Why is the deployment process removing the first two sub-levels of folders in the filename?