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Der schöne Günther

How can I disable IDE talking to external websites?

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Since about 12 hours ago, my Delphi IDE will spawn about two dozen Internet Explorer "Script Error" dialogs on every launch. I will have to dismiss every single dialog before I can continue.



I can't understand why the IDE would have to use a full web browser to talk to domains I don't even know, but I'd like to disable it and get back to work. Is there a package I can disable for this "integration"?


My only workaround is disabling internet access for the VM Delphi is running on, waiting for the IDE to launch and then turn it back on.

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My guess would be that it is the welcome page that does this, so you could try to customise it removing all the stuff that gets content from the internet.

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9 hours ago, Der schöne Günther said:

I have disabled the "Embarcadero Community" toolbar in the IDE and the issue seems to be gone now 🤞

Fantastic, yeah that works so far for me

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