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Compared to the German Delphi Praxis forums, I find the new one quite confusing. I'm used to start with a view that shows the topics that have been newly created or have received answers since my last visit. Clicking on an entry in that list took me to the first unread post.


In this new forum I get a long list with an entry for each new post, which is more information than necessary.


I might be missing some setting but on the other hand, the default should be easy to use for everybody who doesn't want to dig into all the flexibility of the forum software.


Just compare the first picture, which shows the "Recent Threads" view of the German GP, with the other three, which show some views I have tried with the English GP, I'm sure you will see what I mean.


The last one, "Content since last visit", is the best substitute I have come up with, and it's far from perfect.





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Maybe we have to separate three aspects:

* content istself, usage and layout


The stream "unread content" should list the unread content for you. From a pure technical point of view: problem solved. Please correct me, if I am wrong here.

Now we can talk about the usage. It is a known "feature" - or whatever - that you have to click the fat black bullet to get to the first unread post. I agree that this is not perfect and we will have a solution to this. This is just how this software works by default.

Now we can talk about the layout. Do I understand it correctly, that you would prefer an even more condensed layout?

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What about something like this:

https://en.delphipraxis.net/wuppdi/ [do NOT bookmark this URL, it is just for testing what could be done]


This page lists the topics from the last 24 hours. no pagination, just one list. It can be fine-tuned, but this is what can be done with the built-in capabilities of this software.

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OK, I guess, you are talking about my screenshot 3, which you get through the "Unread Content" button on the top right of the page if the window is wide enough, or through the "Hamburger Menu" -> Activity -> Unread Content, if it isn't (Supposedly that's the "mobile view", even though I get it on my PC if I move the window to one half of the screen on a 24" monitor, which I usually do.).


I must admit that I just now realized that this view actually does not contain duplicates. (I could have sworn otherwise). So content wise it is the equivalent of the German DP view "Recent Threads". Problem solved, as you said. My suggestion here is to make it easier accessible on the "mobile view", since I can't be the only one who uses a browser window with less than full screen width. And under that condition it is difficult to find.


As for usage: Yes, it takes a while to get used to clicking on the fat bullet. Given that the layout uses (wastes?) quite a lot of white space, I think a descriptive link would be better than that bullet. But, OK, once you know it, it works.


As for the layout: I'm not a big fan of pages that use excessive amounts of white space. That's supposedly "easier on the eyes", according to designers. But in my opinion designers have often shown that they are full of it.


(I just got the notification that you replied again. Will have a look at that link now.)

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I like that page better, but it is missing the link to go to the first unread post (or I again did not see it).

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This demo-page has no stars or dots... I am working on it.

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I just resized my browser window and realized that the view changes in four steps, from narrow to wide:

  1. Contains information about the topic, the forum it was posted in and the number of replies and views, on the right hand side there is the "Avatar" of the thread starter.
  2. In addition lists the tags
  3. Moves the number of replies and views to a new column to the right. The avatar is gone.
  4. Shows the avatar again.

That makes it rather difficult to discuss layout.


I prefer view 2. The avatar could be moved to the left hand side as in the default "Unread Content" view, but I don't really need it.


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18 hours ago, Markus Kinzler said:

A click on the star/circle leads to the first unread post.

OK, I can't find any star/circle using Waterfox+Linux/Manjaro.

By circle you mean the "avatar/circle" at the right?

If I hover the mouse over a topic I can see the start of the post and a second tab with (maybe) the fist/last unread post.

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