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Dany Marmur

Been stupid for years

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For years i've been fretting about the "New Items|Inherit From" because you cannot see the full name of the module. Right-click (it's a commctrl listview) and there's "View details". Meh!!!



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You mean that dialog is actually useable without switching it to details?




(I never understood why details is not the default view or actually why the othert views are even there.)



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I have been waiting for that reply ever since I first used that nick in an other forum back in 2000. 18 years...wow!

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I guess this shows my age: SCNR was widely used in Fidonet (possibly also in Usenet), together with ROTFL and simliar acronyms.

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2 hours ago, Michael Puff said:

Please get back to the topic.

What's the topic again? :classic_blink:


.... "Been stupid for years" ...

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