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Up-to-date 32 bit libmysql.dll?

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In the prehistoric times, you could download the MySQL C library from their website. Then they changed to the installer-type (download installer, select Connector-C, install 32 bit, copy file, uninstall 32 bit, install 64 bit copy file, uninstall everything).

Now it's even worse.


The installer now offers only 6.1.11, but you still can have the latest by downloading MySQL server and copying the file from the Lib folder. My 64 bit Delphi apps are using it happily; but that's only 64 bit, and there's no 32 bit version of MySQL anymore.

The question is: is there a way to get the latest (currently 8.0.18) libmysql.dll in 32 bits?


P.s.: I know that libmariadb is a drop-in replacement but I'd prefer the original if possible somehow / somewhere.

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Yes, the installer has a 32 bit version, but it only offers the 64 bit server for installation 😞

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Yes, 6.1.11 is the latest I could find (and therefore have).

I was hoping someone knows where to find a recent version.


I honestly think Oracle discontinued it; my hopes are more on unofficial builds (like oss.netfarm.it was for ClamAV).

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Any news here? We're also searching for a updated libmysql.dll in 32bit for mysql8. 

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I guess no.

LibMariaDB is a valid replacement; the question is, though, until how long they will stay compatible.

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