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How to obtain the value of a field of type TWndMethod via RTTI?

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I can do it without RTTI, but get a compiler error when using RTTI:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ctx: TRttiContext;
  rt: TRttiType;
  fld: TRttiField;
  proc: TWndMethod;
  proc := TabSet1.WindowProc; // Compiles and works OK without RTTI
  ctx := TRttiContext.Create;
    rt := ctx.GetType(TControl);
    fld := rt.GetField('FWindowProc');
    ShowMessage(fld.GetValue(TabSet1).TypeInfo.Name); // 'TWndMethod'
    if fld.GetValue(TabSet1).IsType<TWndMethod> then    // True
      proc := fld.GetValue(TabSet1).AsType<TWndMethod>;
      // E2010 Incompatible types: 'procedure, untyped pointer or untyped parameter' and 'TWndMethod'

Any suggestions?

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But will this be the right solution? These types have different sizes (tested for Win32):

  if SizeOf(Pointer) <> SizeOf(TWndMethod) then
    ShowMessage('No way.');  // 4 <> 8

I tried this:

  i64: UInt64;
    i64 := fld.GetValue(TabSet1).AsUInt64;
    proc := TWndMethod(i64);

But get Exception EInvalidCast 'Invalid class typecast' for GetValue.AsUInt64.


Update. I did it like this:

  p: Pointer;
    p := fld.GetValue(TabSet1).GetReferenceToRawData;
    proc := TWndMethod(p^);

Thanks @Lars Fosdal for the hint!

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Remember that a pointer-to-class-method, such as TWndMethod, is represented by the RTL's TMethod record, which contains 2 pointers - a pointer to an object instance, and a pointer to the method code.


TValue.AsUInt64 fails for a TWndMethod value because TValue supports only conversions that the compiler natively supports implicitly, and you can't implicitly assign a TMethod to a UInt64 and vice versa.  That also explains why the TValue.GetReferenceToRawData() approach works - it is just returning a raw pointer to the actual TControl.FWndMethod instance member, which is then dereferenced when being assigned to the local TWndMethod variable.  So, no conversion occurs.


Now, why TValue.AsType<TWndMethod> fails to compile, I don't know.  Sounds like a bug.


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6 hours ago, Remy Lebeau said:

Now, why TValue.AsType<TWndMethod> fails to compile, I don't know.  Sounds like a bug.

It probably is lacking the `()` there which it sometimes needs when invoking a method that returns an invokable type.

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@Stefan Glienke Just checked your suggestion, brilliantly!

      proc := fld.GetValue(TabSet1).AsType<TWndMethod>();

No compiler errors.

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