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Tommi Prami

have anyone made tool to convert Delphi files from Ansi to UTF-8

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Not super complicated app, but if someone has that ready would help.

I think someone talked about it, but have no clue on which thread.



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I wrote a small script ConvertToUTF8.sh to convert all * .pas and * .dpr files from ANSI to UTF-8, which writes the results of its work to a file (conversion is performed for all files inside the current folder and its subdirectories). You can first run FindNotUTF8.sh to find all files in a non-UTF-8 encoding (the results of the script are also output to a file).

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Using the ZIP2 component (but unit can be renamed to Zip to use the Delphi default) for creating backup copies. Finished 3000+ files in 90 seconds in our project at work.

It checks for BOM existence; so if you have actual UTF8 files without BOM it can cause issues.

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