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[Fmx, Rx10.4 Patch 3] Anybody working productively with this patch ?

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Hi there,


are you able to work with yor projects on Patch 3 on mobile (Android, iOS) ?


I've tried a while, but then moved back to Patch 2, which works more or less on Android with API-level 29.

That was my main goal why I ported my apps to Patch 3.


What are your experiences with that patch on different platforms ?



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Ok, after along way back and forth to the Patch 3, it seems to work more or less.

Patch 1 and Patch 2 worked directly, but Patch 3 needed some extra care somehow.

I had to re-create .dproj's and re-order units, before it runs without issues.

Not sure what the real reasons are, but now all my projects run unter 10.3.3 to 10.4 P1 P2 P3.


Whats still open to me is the TChart issue, I hope it gets done soon.





So I have to disable my chart in the projects.


I also faces issues with the Grijjy cloud logger, so I have to turn this off and move to somthing different,

but thats acceptable.


All in all debugging feels quite sluggish, but compiling and running seems to work then finally.

The LSP runs better, so I really hope I'm ready now for Update 1, and I don't need to waste more time in porting stuff.



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Meanwhile the necessary TChart files have been "published" via some download link in the QP report RSP-28780.

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