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Tommi Prami

IDE plugin to remove Explicit* from .dfm files

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We tried to do one of our own, but appears that it's not that easy.


Seems that we can remove them but IDE will, sometimes at least, write them back  after that. Or there is no event for dfm when it is saved (Not making the plugin myself so don't know the latest details.)

Maybe there is some cool, Andy Magic Of The Hackering, in the DDevExtensions to do this??


Does anyone have ideas how to get that working?



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22 minutes ago, Stefan Glienke said:

DDevExtensions does it indeed.

But not for 10.4 and I bet Andy has little or none motivation to support 10.4+. Won't expect that, he has done his part many fold.


Should figure out how he does his magic 🙂



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I wonder what the back story for the existence of those Explicit.... fields are.

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I think I preferred to keep wondering, TBH.  It seems very clunky.  

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