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Initialization of returned managed types

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I guess everyone knows this already, but I did find this Stackoverflow answer surprising.  Can you guess what is the message shown?

function DoSomething(SomeBoolean: Boolean) : string;
    if SomeBoolean then
        Result := 'abc'

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    xx: string;
    xx := DoSomething(True);
    xx := DoSomething(False);

Shouldn't the above deserve a compiler warning?

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It all went downhill when Borland decided that function return values were actually var parameters. Which means that in the case of managed types they get initialized by the caller. 


A function return value really should have pass by value callee to caller semantics. 

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I don't have the source at hand, but Embarcadero said that is is "too difficult" to fix, because the initialization of that variable takes place in another compiler code part that actually doesn't know how the variable is used.


There is, however, absolutely no excuse that there is no compiler warning. Embarcadero itself stumbles upon these uninitialized return values. Here's an example: [RSP-18300] TJson.Format() outputs invalid JSON - Embarcadero Technologies

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