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Andrea Magni

Backup FB3 Embedded through TIBBackup component

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Hi, anybody had troubles performing a backup of a FB3 embedded database through the TIBBackup component?


Firebird 3 uses fbclient.dll as client library also for embedded connections so it seems there's something wrong in the TIBBackup component when determining the client library to use (FireDAC.Phys.IBWrapper unit, TIBLib.GetLibraryInfo function. Given sLib var is always 'fbclient.dll' it misses it is a Firebird embedded connection).


We tried to force fbclient.dll as vendor lib (giving a proper value to the DriverLink property of the TIBBackup instance, we also tried to set Embedded property of the driver link manually) but no way, it is always looking for fbembed.dll instead of the specified one (fbclient.dll).

A quick and dirty workaround is to copy the DLL (fbclient) with the old name (fbembed) but I would like to avoid this, if possible.


Any help would be appreciated. Maybe @Dmitry Arefiev may enlight us 😉


Thanks in advance

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The VendorLib is setted right, as fbclient.dll, as Fireird 3 need.


The problem seems to be in FireDAC.Phys.IBWrapper.pas at line 16423 of procedure TIBLib.GetLibraryInfo

 sProd := UpperCase(Product);
 if Pos('FIREBIRD', sProd) <> 0 then begin
   FBrand := ibFirebird;
   FEmbedded := Pos('embed', sLib) > 0;
 else if Pos('INTERBASE', sProd) <> 0 then begin
   FBrand := ibInterbase;
   FEmbedded := Pos('togo', sLib) > 0;
   FBrand := ibYaffil;



has you can see delphi search for word "embed" in client library name (sLib is the file name of the VendorLib setted before)
I'm using Delphi 10.2.2

The problem appear to exists only for admnistration component like TIBBackup, TIBRestore and so on.

The normal connection with the TFBConnection componet work right.


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Changing method to code below and setting FDPhysFBDriverLink1.Embedded to True will make it working. Without that the only workaround is to renamed fbclient.dll into fbembed.dll.

procedure TIBLib.LoadFB(const AVendorHome, AVendorLib: String;
  AEmbedded, AThreadSafe: Boolean);
  C_FBClient: String = {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} 'fbclient' {$ENDIF}
                       {$IFDEF POSIX} 'libfbclient' {$ENDIF} + C_FD_DLLExt;
  C_FBEmbed:  String = {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} 'fbembed' {$ENDIF}
                       {$IFDEF POSIX} 'libfbembed' {$ENDIF} + C_FD_DLLExt;
  if AEmbedded then
    LoadBase(AVendorHome, AVendorLib, AThreadSafe {$IFNDEF FireDAC_IB_STATIC}, [C_FBEmbed, C_FBClient] {$ENDIF})
    LoadBase(AVendorHome, AVendorLib, AThreadSafe {$IFNDEF FireDAC_IB_STATIC}, [C_FBClient, C_FBEmbed] {$ENDIF});
  if AEmbedded and (Version >= ivFB030000) then
    FEmbedded := True;


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